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Tweetbot for iΟS : Tim Carmody Probably the Verge.

Anyway, please have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for bringing some humanity to this hellsite.

Tweetbot for iΟS : Tim Carmody I can not remember for the life of me why I started following you, but threads like these remind me of how good a follow you are.

Tweetbot for iΟS : Rebekah Jones I just scrolled through your timeline over the last two hours. Didn’t realize you were dealing with an influx of MAGAidiots.

As a Floridian, I want to thank you for working to bring light to the craziness of our Governor.

TweetDeck : IATSE Keep up the good work! I'm VERY much looking forward to the day when the artists that you help showcase can be back on stage or in front of a camera.

When the world shuts down, we look to art and artists to make us whole. You are a vital part of making that happen.

TweetDeck : IATSE I always look for your bug on every movie I watch.

"Hey, it's the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Motion Picture Operators in the United States and Canada logo".

My wife thinks I'm a dork.

TweetDeck : IATSE my father is a proud member of your union and was the BA for a few years back in the 90s for his local. I was happy to discover another great progressive cause being championed by a labor union.

I'm probably one of the few non-members who knows what IATSE stands for

TweetDeck : Stuart Quinn Kirk Hamilton And don't get me started on the whole Twin Fantasy album by Car Seat Headrest. He repeats choruses from other songs on the album. "The ocean washed over your faaaaaaaace..."

I hope you've been able to listen to that masterpiece.

TweetDeck : Stuart Quinn Kirk Hamilton Yeah, Philadelphia Freedom seems to have a three-part pre-chorus and it's been driving me crazy.

Then I listened to Grand Paradise by Foxing and it went v-pre-v-pre-chorus-chorus-chorus and it was awesome. I would love to hear your discussion on alternate song structures.

Tweetbot for iΟS : Kirk Hamilton Tangent: where can I send in questions for the Q+A show?

I’ve been thinking about song structure lately and for some reason can’t get over how long the pre-chorus to Philadelphia Freedom is.