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Bio She/Her. 💗💜💙 Lol No worries, at least this planet has Namjoon. Tae biased, but OT ⁷ AF.
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iPhone : K.B.G. Forbes Hey! So, after taking a glance at your Twitter, you seem like a genuinely intelligent person. But this sort of response is really disappointing. Can I ask what it is that makes their music or their artistry not real in your eyes?

iPhone : Armys all around the world watching iTunes Charts of Belize

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iPhone : I know you can’t do anything right now because of other contracts, but Apple I hope you see this. And think for the future.

I’ll be eligible for an upgrade in about a year... twitter.com/jhobiverse/sta…

iPhone : I’m case you needed a reminder from THE Park Jimin himself. Age doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome in the ARMY family. 💜💜 방탄소년단 #BTS #방탄소년단

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iPhone : can’t believe i have to say this but HI here is a friendly reminder to not vote for kanye as a joke because THAT’S what got us stuck with trump when y’all voted for harambe !!

iPhone : I’m sorry but COVID has really made me judge some of my friends. Why y’all can’t stay in the house? Why y’all can’t wear masks? Now I’m like, do I even like you? 😂