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Android : We often get caught up in daily horrors by this regime. Imagine how America who helped countries establish practices of fair elections/lawful institutions attacking those very important principles of democracy. Trump every single day is doing tremendous damage on behalf of putin

Android : Russian intelligence has always sought to sew distrust of institutions in Western countries. They aimed at causing conditions and spreading propaganda for citizens to distrust their gov't will weaken democracy. Now they have their Trump echoing their disinfo hourly. Its dangerous

Android : Less than 2 weeks days before the presidential elections in #Belarus. My latest update for Outriders on the female trio as the biggest challenge for #Lukashenko, but also some of my interviews with those opposing Lukashenko across the country and why outride.rs/en/dismissed-a…

Twitter Web App : That's a projection of a daily average of 1363 for next 22 days .
To put that in perspective:
Thats 9/11 every 60 hours.
Nine 9/11s in 3 weeks.
We are being murdered by federal, #Trump led criminal negligence and appeasement by congress twitter.com/weinbergersa/s…

Android : The House Intelligence Committee approved on Friday its intelligence authorization bill that would require federal campaigns to “report certain foreign contacts,” setting up a clash with Senate Republicans after they stripped similar language from their bill.

Android : Today and every single day is #CrimeaIsUkraine day. The Kremlin continue their hostilities, atrocities, human rights violations with no repercussions. If anything Putin's regime has been allowed to get more emboldened against Ukraine and the West while the world remains silent.

Twitter Web App : Today Russias forces in eastern #Ukraine reported as twice violating the ceasefire. Keep firing a few grenade launcher rounds & sm arms. All looks designed by Russia to get #Ukrainian forces 2 return fire & restart full-scale firing again facebook.com/pressjfo.news/… #Donbas #Donbass

Twitter Web App : Breaking

In the realm of hyper-politicizing the State Dept, #Pompeo has apparently handed over thousands of pages of documents to Senate REPUBLICANS probing Biden-Burisma.

But refuses even to provide duplicates to House Foreign Foreign Affairs Committee.

Next move: A Subpoena

Twitter Web App : My colleagues from Белсат TV have been detained a moment ago in #Maladziechna while they were livestreaming from #Tsikhanouskayas rally. These rallies are legal,so its another attack on journalists. In Sluck, three volunteers from Tsikhanouskayas team were detained #Belarus