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Twitter Web App : I hate the filibuster debate so much. there is no way to eliminate the actual filibuster, it's getting rid of the horseshit rule where you pass a piece of paper that says "I am going to filibuster" but you don't have to hold the floor and literally filibuster.

Twitter for iPad : pure football rules twitter.com/edsbs/status/1…

Twitter for iPad : he went from knowing every defensive play call to being filled with a regimen that would make barry bonds blush, he has never faced a single difficulty in his entire life, you don’t need to defend him online

Twitter for iPad : guys being dudes twitter.com/ryanfagan/stat…

Twitter Web App : how is brady still succeeding when men younger than him are falling apart? wHat's Going on tHere?

Twitter Web App : turner's dairy making a special oakmont bakery flavored milk? I don't know what flavors could be described as "hateful" or "overpriced" hmm...

Twitter Web App : dinosaurs literally got taken out on the same planet we walk on today and people still think we’re invincible. ur not better than a stegosaurus

Twitter for iPad : sid bream rounding third twitter.com/Cut4/status/13…

Twitter for iPad : I am billy pilgrim, unstuck in time, watching the steelers lose to the patriots in the middle of the night from a dining facility in kuwait, again

Twitter for iPad : shoveling ghost pepper salsa just so I can feel