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Android : ryuo haki destroys a opponent form the inside kaidos body is so fucking durable that all the damage is going to be fully contained inside his body twitter.com/online_iruna/s…

Android : one sword powerful enough to rep complete havoc on land and one sword powerful enough to rep complete havoc in air

Android : _JustFat 🐷 Onlyfans Just $3.00‼️ she a savage and dont got a problem with her pwussy like cabbage if I get up in that pwussy I beat she wouldnt let nobody else have it Ill smash it and Ill bang it

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Android : when youre well numbs out 55% of pain

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Android : when you got both observation and advanced observation haki

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Android : wait a second Im I reading this right it says that enma well end up in the hands of the second ryuma hi is ryuma yamato

Android : what the fuck bruh

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