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iPhone : Hi folks. SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) is looking for a comms resource. The role is based in Santacruz, Mumbai. DM for contact. Pls share, tag someone who is looking for work in Bombay.

iPhone : Apurva Notion - Really good new space I am trying out.
One note / Goodnotes - If you are into writing handwritten journaling

iPhone : Sanjeev NC I just bought it. Animoji ila. Battery also konjam poor. But i bought it cos ipad pairing i wanted to do as I wanted to convert it to a secondary computer. So happy with that. Now able to automate quite a small part of my life and spending less time on internet

iPhone : A friend lost his job due to the pandemic and looking for a gig in CSR or operations management.

You can help by connecting me to the right person. RT for good karma :)

iPhone : 30s is that time in your life when people who are a decade younger start working and make you feel old just by existing.

Just a few years ago, I used to be the one who would make people feel old just by existing.

This is a new feeling.

iPhone : Only a composer like #EnnioMorricone could bring the beauty, culture and the lingering romance of Italy to your senses in the pre-virtual reality and pre-internet era... All we can do is celebrate the master’s work and learn!

iPhone : Baradwaj Rangan Wow. Shared the same film’s music. What a film and what a goregous score. Loving your morricone series. Eagerly waiting for your ode piece, if you are writing one. ❀️