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Android : masks are mandatory on dutch public transport right now and i swear to fucking god if i see one more person wearing a mask that does not cover their nose i'm gonna do something drastic

Twitter Web App : who's gonna tell liberal feminists that "don't tear other women down" means stuff like "don't unnecessarily demean other women for having different interests than you" and not "you cannot say bad things about margaret thatcher because she's a woman"

Android : me explaining to alejo that dialga, palkia and giratina all control some important part of the universe and dont really interact with humanity except when they need to in order to maintain the natural balance and so you cant rly classify them as good or evil by human standards

Twitter Web App : why do all dnd parties have the one character that's like wow this strangely coloured and definitely dangerous liquid looks delicious let's chug it

Twitter Web App : FUCK summer it's too hot sleeping is extremely difficult you can only wear shorts it's even worse when it's damp you're sweating all the fucking time you cannot go outside without dying of heat why do people like this

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