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Bio The DeFi Platform building B2B + B2C solutions on the most advanced liquidity aggregator in market.

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Android : Access, opportunity.

With our #Orion #Enterprise #Trade Widget, there is no need for non-#blockchain clients to visit exchanges.

Find out more: orionprotocol.io/enterprisetrade

Android : 🗣️'How do you manage to have such low fees, sometimes even lower than in the exchanges we are trading?' | Ross

✅ With the large amounts transacted by the #Orion #Brokers, it gives them access to a much lower band of fees compared to regular users.

$ORN #Holochain #Bitcoin

Android : Connect, expand.

Our #LiquidityBoostPlugin gives your #exchange access to the #liquidity and volume of all the #crypto exchanges in the market.

Understand how: orionprotocol.io/liquidityboost…

Android : $ORN will give holders a range of benefits, & additional functionality that will increase demand.

It is required for payments, #staking, participation, & the unlocking of advantageous network access with discounts on trading, oracle usage, & Protocol access.

#Orion #Holochain

Android : On Orion Protocol, #Brokers with exchange accounts run #Orion #Broker Software, automatically executing #trades routed from the #liquidity aggregator based on how much ORN they #stake.

There will be multiple #brokers across multiple exchanges.

$ORN #Holochain #Elrond #Bitcoin

Android : 13 streams, immediate sustainability.

#Orion has thirteen revenue streams and counting, generating revenue from day one.

Learn more: blog.orionprotocol.io/tokeneconomy

Android : 1️⃣/2️⃣🔸🗣️

'What are the biggest problems #Orion will solve that no other project is solving now?' | 📝 Tony Montana

Kal, COO - Orion Protocol:

🎙️✨ 'We’re solving some of the most critical and real-world...

Android : 🖊️After a huge success with Orion Protocol
private sale, we are very close to public sale.

- Hardcap for $ORN: $40,000
- Price pegged at $0.1
- Be the part of first-ever #DYCO and witness the #crypto revolution

Stay tuned orionprotocol.io/tokensale

Android : Your funds, your control.

#Orion is non-custodial. You are in control of your own #wallet when #trading #crypto on our liquidity aggregator.

Learn more: orionprotocol.io

Android : 1️⃣/3️⃣🔸🗣️

'So, it’s cheaper than exchanges, it’s safer than exchanges; as #Orion doesn’t store any user funds. So what does your revenue model look like, to be competitive?' 📝 TheMadnessOfItAll

🎙️✨ Alexey, CEO - Orion Protocol:

'We’ve paid close attention to our...

Android : Soon to be the best trading terminal in #crypto and will cater for all #Holo projects with currencies, #HoloFuel included.

Orion Protocol is one of the main hApps for #Holo and there will be a lot more of this happening as #Holochain grows.

#Nextnet. twitter.com/orion_protocol…

Android : 1️⃣/2️⃣🔸🗣️

'You claim to have the most profitable staking in #DeFi. Convince me why I should stake my tokens using the Delegated Proof of #Broker model?' 📝𝔞𝔪₿𝔢𝔯

🎙️✨ Alexey, CEO - Orion Protocol:

Most profitable because all of the transaction fees received will be...