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Twitter Web App : Makes me so angry the fact that Meghan is treated this way. I for one adore her and hope that one day she can live in peace.…

Twitter Web App : hello ASOS ASOS_HeretoHelp my boyfriend ordered 16 items the other day and only 4 of them were delivered. i then contacted you to sort this so he could get the other 12 items you missed off and he has just got an email saying you are not going to take any orders from him? wtf

Twitter Web App : Behold! Olivia Pope is the bringer of the socks! I think she was worried we were cold. She does this regularly & I leave socks out for her because she loves bringing them to us so much. It’s the intense look on her face after the 2nd pair that I love. So serious, so adorable

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Twitter Web App : Was anyone else’s sick bowl when they were growing up also the regular mixing bowl, or was it just my mum trying to manufacture her own pandemic?

Twitter Web App : my tolerance to alcohol is going to be shocking when we’re allowed back out

Twitter Web App : there is not a single reason in the world that will justifiably convince me that harry and meghan deserve the slander that they get.

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Android : So jealous of how quickly my partner can fall asleep, pretty sure he should be cuddling me until I fall asleep right now

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Twitter Web App : Go and follow me Boyf on #twitch being a very supportive gf #twitchstreamer he's fab #twitchtv

Twitter Web App : New boiler tomorrow after not having a boiler for about a month, no more being frozen in my own home!!!!

Twitter Web App : eating disorders are very serious and telling someone to just eat less or eat more is really fucked up, stop doing that x

Twitter Web App : Britney Spears’ music was my first exposure to POP music. Her impact was/is profound and it always baffled me as to why people were so brutal to her when she was down. It’s great the world is more sensitive to mental health now, but upsetting it took this long in Britney’s case.