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iPhone : let me get this straight, people hire strippers the night before their weddings then continue to get married the next day like they didn’t just cheat?

iPhone : 1. She even testified in court against him
2. They let him out on $25,000 bond for rape, strangulation and abduction
3. They let him out and he killed his victim
Everyone involved needs to be charged with the womans murder. He was a violent offender and shouldnt have been out.…

iPhone : Jordyn Woods. That’s the tweet.

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iPhone : I’m not even embarassed but the pity/judgemental looks i receive are just fucking annoying…

iPhone : my mama bought a gay flag for the house cause she said she loves having a gay daughter, PLEASE listen to her song 💀💀💀💀

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iPhone : Refraining from posting pictures from the demonstrations that are happening right now due to safety concerns.

Were fighting for our rights.
#PolishStonewall has been trending at no 1 for hours now. Were also gaining exposure internationally.


iPhone : Mateusz Morawiecki: Pass laws that would protect LGBT people in Poland and abolish current anti-LGBT laws - Sign the Petition! via UK

iPhone : Frank Ocean - Self Control

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