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iPhone : like he isn’t concerned by women being one note like people say, it’s mostly like “damn I don’t see my type and assumed this was gege’s type of women.” Gege doesn’t make any statement eve implying this is bad at all fwiw so he’s not exactly in the “moral right” here either

iPhone : I’m being honest here I know it’s been a day but I fail to see how the alternate translation helps kubo’s case. he just talks abt how he believes the author’s preference for women is showed in work and he was mildly surprised by not being able to see his type lol

iPhone : the mental trauma of living through this pandemic in a society that doesnt take it remotely seriously and is willing to let thousands die while simultaneously mocking you for making sacrifices to keep those same people alive has broken something fundamentally in my soul i think

iPhone : howdy everyone, I come asking for assistance- to be short, my roommate & I are less than a month from homelessness & need as much help as we can get. im offering discount commissions if you can donate to our gofundme. $20 or more & I draw for u. pls share! gofund.me/a06362a7

iPhone : babby 🥬 spanch that time Ben Shapiro went on an incoherent rant abt how PhDs steal MD valor and then both PhDs and MDs informed him neither of them would call an ambulance for him if they had a choice >>>>>

iPhone : wait yasopp can be like a lion fish failed fruit that’d be so fun tbh. I just want them to have to deal with this bullshyt

iPhone : Shanks: sword (looking like the katana mf from csm bc it’s COOL)
Benn: centaur but fucked up .also learns he cannot go down stairs anymore the hard way
Lucky roux: failed fruit but it’s not even that different tbh
Yasopp: genuinely cannot decide but whatever audience can decide

iPhone : not to sound insane but I have constructed an intricate au in which the red hair pirates are forced to become SMILE users. I will not inflict these thoughts on everyone but I think it’d be fun to see