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Bio Philanthropist. World Traveler. Award winning anti-VAW advocate. On several under 40 lists. Founded a few nonprofits. opinions here are mine.
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iPhone : .Charles Schwab Corp needs to update their website. I want to add a new plan (been a long time customer under other plans) and their form has a deadline for 2012.

2012 were 8 years. Sorry, don’t think I’ll get it in on time unless I discover a time machine.

iPhone : Fifty days until an election that will decide the future of our democracy, our country, our climate, and our world.

If you haven't shared this link with friends and family members yet, now's the time.

iPhone : Do no do this.

I repeat.


Do not use LinkedIn to harass and piss off investors on your child’s behalf even if you bought them the business.

iPhone : My son is not afraid of masks because fear is taught and we haven’t taught him that mask wearing is “scary” because there is nothing scary about staying healthy.

iPhone : My son doesn’t need to see someone smiling at him to know that they are friendly. He assumes everyone is friendly because he only knows loves. If they are wearing a mask he knows it’s because they care that others don’t get sick so of course they are friendly!

iPhone : Got in a heated debate in a mom group about kids wearing mask.

My four year old finds mask wearing empowering. He knows that he has to wear one to protect others from being sick and others are wearing a mask out of love and compassion towards others. He says he is a superhero.

iPhone : If Donald J. Trump “knowingly downplayed COVID”...
The economic distress that we face is a direct result of how we have managed the pandemic.
Thousands of small businesses have closed.
Millions of Americans are hurting.

Inaction was a conscious decision.

iPhone : I feel like Im a vessel at this point in order to spread awareness.

Trayvon Martins mother and Ahmaud Arberys father thanked Naomi Osaka for representing their sons on the masks shes been wearing throughout the US Open.

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iPhone : business that you have discarded to whoever wants it for free then it’s too late. I get pitched by million-dollar companies all the time looking for additionally capital to grow. I prefer to invest in small businesses to keep jobs in my community and my local economy thriving.