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Bio Journalist, film-maker and author. Next book: How To Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance - Published May 2021 by Allen Lane
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Twitter Web App : When I started writing this story about Tory links to the Invicta Academy, Tory MPs, councillors & associates were described as "sponsors". After I requested a comment, the Sponsors page was deleted & replaced with supporters:… Byline Times

Twitter Web App : The Tories talk about tough choices. Let’s talk about how the worlds 10 richest men boosted their wealth by over £400bn while millions were plunged into hardship.

We need a new economic model: one that doesn’t simply keep handing more wealth and power to the super-rich.

Twitter Web App : The only way we stop bureaucracies squeezing the life and talent out of Labour politicians is make them accountable to the members, not some invisible style guide understood only by white, middle-class, male graduates who've never been in a riot... 👇…

iPhone : Typically this tells about half the story, but it shows where networked organising has evolved to, and how progressive strategy is being formed beneath the surface ... @NYTimes…

iPhone : The teas in the pot.
The Tomita is on the sound system. V rare snowflakes moment in London....

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iPhone : Hawaii GOP Nope the patriotic conservative response should be: QAnon is a dangerous fantasy, a conveyor belt to Nazism and a carbon copy of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that fuelled Hitler. It is bad for Hawaii, bad for America and bad for its followers.

iPhone : Todays #protest in #StPetersburg, #Russia, where protesters blocked Nevsky Prospekt avenue:


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iPhone : We’re well into thousands of demonstrators now, protestors still streaming in as official kick off time is in five minutes. Internet is getting slow. Police warning: “Respected citizens, the current event is illegal. We are doing everything to ensure your safety.”

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iPhone : У нас во Владивостоке мингующих так много, что даже на крышах уже нет свободных мест

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iPhone : The criteria for the £500 self-isolation support payment is so strict that 80% of applications in Liverpool are refused.

Ministers must fix this broken system now.

How can they expect people to self-isolate if it means not being able to pay the bills?…