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iPhone : #Belarus. People gathered at the venue where a pro-govt concert is being held in #Minsk,not far from the park where #Tsikhanouskaya’s rally was supposed to take place. At 7pm, they started clapping and chanting her name and other slogans. Crowds gathered again

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iPhone : My old colleague Joe Ryle has written about the uphill struggle of trying to work for Labour over 2015-17.… #LabourLeaks

iPhone : Ministers gave a vital contact tracing contract to Serco who today celebrated a 53% increase in profits for the first half of the year. The Tories have privatised throughout this pandemic ignoring shortcomings. They should build on existing public sector experience instead.

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iPhone : John Ross New Statesman I've spent 20 years reporting the economic achievements of the PRC - it's just that I've also seen the price - severed limbs, broken strikes, systematic repression of the working class. I don't have to "mention" the anti poverty achievements everytime I write about PRC

Twitter Web App : Why the left has to maintain an independent and critical stance in the US-China Cold War... my New Statesman column:…

iPhone : There are 2 ways to deal with Britain's jobs crisis:

🅰️The govt approach: withdraw furlough in one go and hand over billions in bonuses to businesses that don't need it

🅱️Our approach: Target support where it's needed most to help the worst-hit businesses

It’s time for plan B.

iPhone : Capitalism after the coronavirus

Paul Mason
“The economic model of capitalism that we were running even before this crisis hit was already broken. It’s called Neoliberalism, The coercive imposition of market norms and behaviour across all parts of everyday life.”

iPhone : The UK's private debt crisis will make this recession so much worse | Christine Berry…

Twitter Web App : Private track and trace isn't working.

It's time local public health teams were given the resources they need to run it.

Tell your council leader we want safe, locally led test and trace. 👇…

Twitter Web App : ✨ Registration for #TWT20 is open!

Join us for a month-long digital festival in September.

Expect exciting speakers from across the UK and beyond, interactive workshops, strategy games and tons of arts and culture.

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Twitter Web App : In the US-China standoff the left has to learn to walk and chew gum at the same time... my New Statesman column on Xi's left apologists...…