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Twitter Web App : Surprised it hasn't been retracted already.…

Spokesperson for the Labour Party said:

“In light of his comments made today and his failure to retract them subsequently, the Labour Party has suspended Jeremy Corbyn pending investigation. He has also had the whip removed from the Parliamentary Labour Party.”

Android : Recess read: Puppet master or pawn – just what exactly is Michael Gove’s game?…

Twitter Web App : "The idea that HMT have said 'no' is fantasy."…

Twitter Web App : In case you missed it, from yesterday afternoon.…

Android : One thought sparked by @PaulWaugh’s brilliant analysis is that you barely hear anything these days about the No10 grid. Something that was so central to political management for so many years is hardly mentioned these days, and that may explain a great deal. A quick thread.

Android : This is all there in the quotes in @PaulWaugh’s article: the need for political antennae; better horizon-scanning; and people to do their basic jobs. But besides that generalised disquiet, what Tory MPs should be asking very specifically is: ‘What has happened to the No10 grid?’

Twitter Web App : The PM is said to be drafting a 'Winter Food Programme' to deliver more cash to those in need, but not via free school meals vouchers. I suspect Marcus Rashford MBE won't mind how it's delivered as long as it's real, sustainable and long-term.

Twitter Web App : B3WRE Deborah Or to quote a former minister: "Our councillors are livid because they’re being hung out to dry as well. All this bollocks about £63m – it wasn’t for free school meals."

Twitter Web App : Was This Just Another Manic Monday, Or Is There A Deeper Problem For Johnson?

Tonight's WaughZone is out…

Twitter Web App : A must-listen folks, from Our Man In Noo Yoik…