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Android : Gloria Bruce Citizen Jha "With government as the vehicle, and capitalism in the driver seat, suddenly the racial segregation of the past century makes dreadful sense."

Rothstein's core focus is on government, but real estate capital and agents of capital aren't off the hook. How much has really changed?

Android : Gloria Bruce Citizen Jha Destin Jenkins, Univ of Chicago.

A really good essay, and a critical review of Rothstein book.

Basic argument: "We might well view residential segregation as the domestic expression of the racial capitalism of the 20th century"

Who Segregated America?…

Android : AB 1703 is a proactive step to prevent the home losses and the community destabilization of the Great Recession from happening again. Let’s act now and help Californians keep their homes in this #COVID19 crisis. #StableHomes4All #AB1703…

Android : Millions of Californians lost their homes during the 2008 Great Recession, resulting in displacement & gentrification in communities of color. Amid #COVID19, history will repeat unless we pass AB 1703 (Assemblymember Richard Bloom).#StableHomes4All #affordablehousing

Android : Paavo By the way, State upzoning to 4DU/parcel would in reality become 8DU. You have to assume all the by-right State entitlements to developers are additive: 4DU base zoning + 2ADUs + 2DUs via State Density Bonus (35%). And an extra story of building envelope is by-right as needed.