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Bio Born and bred in Gods Own Country. Retired Headteacher enjoying life in the Var and Hampshire. Wanting a fair and just society..and a win for Llanelli Scarlets
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Twitter for iPad : My darling Mum died overnight. We are heartbroken not least since she died alone. We haven’t been able to see her since lockdown. I spoke to her yesterday and her dementia seemed to have receded. She was engaged, loving and warm. I can’t imagine life without her.

Twitter for iPad : I don’t want to see another Tory Minister ever pretending they’re standing up for British farmers ever again.

Sold down the river. It’s disgraceful.

Twitter for iPad : The Secretary of State for Transport, a man who used false names to flog get-rich-quick schemes, is on my radio trying to sell health guidelines.
Why wouldn’t you trust him with your life?

Twitter for iPad : I feel genuinely sorry for the plucky Brexiter in my feed currently, insisting that chlorinated chicken will be just fine and that the trade deal that will wreck British farming is worth it to break free of the EU. He's been stitched up and he's in so deep he can't see it.

Twitter for iPad : Grant Shapps - We only came to Government in December 🤔

So the past 10 years of Tory Govt just gets airbrushed from history.

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Twitter for iPad : A border WITHIN our own country, red taped up the ying yang, so many customs officials they’re getting their own college, a diet of shit US meat, stripped of OUR rights making us second class citizens on OUR OWN CONTINENT, a crap trade deal with our biggest trading partners...1/2

Twitter for iPad : What about every officer who stepped around his body as he lied there bleeding from the head?…

Twitter for iPad : So between Philly, Buffalo and DC, we’ve seen some seriously violent reactions by law enforcement against protestors and journalists. All on video, contradicting department press releases.

The folks who cheer on the Durham probe are quiet about this. Shocking, I know.

Twitter for iPad : Four Texas GOP county leaders share racist Facebook posts, including one juxtaposing an MLK quote with a banana… via Texas Tribune

Twitter for iPad : BBC Countryfile) 's Twitter Profile">BBC Countryfile Tom Heap She says this is in their manifesto; it’s not. She’s lying.

During the referendum campaign she said that Brexit would have no implications for the Irish border.

She’s a proven liar.

BBC Countryfile) 's Twitter Profile">BBC Countryfile needs to raise its game and interrogate these lies.

Twitter for iPad : Again, another Tory MP lying.

This from January.

And now we’re stuck with both and our food standards have been given up as the UK cave entirely to the US.

REMINDER: the US deal will add 0.2% to the economy.

Cave in haste, repent at leisure.…

Twitter for iPad : 31 years ago today, my little world blacked over, and nothing was to be the same again. I am thinking of Martin today, as I do every day.