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The Coyotes Were Here First

Bio Fight a Badger! Just get hyped up, dont take any weapons and fight a badger!

He/him, if you like.

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Twitter Web App : #Aloha Alberta!

Good luck to UCP’s Jamie Huckabay who willfully violated the Public Health Orders when he travelled to the UK!

- Jamie got 16-weeks severance ($73,630) when he “stepped down”...Sources say he was immediately hired by the UCP Party!

“sEvErE CoNseQuencEs”


Twitter Web App : Canadian cities: "We're in trouble! Our revenues are drying up!"

Also Canadian cities: "Regrettably, we're going to cut these services (unfurls long list)"

Also also Canadian cities: "No, that's a big road. We *have* to build that."

Android : I'm an Edmontonian who hates winter. I work indoors, I use my remote starter every day between September and May, and the longest stretch I spend outside is walking across the parking lot to my truck. It's essential that everyone hears my opinion on the weather.

Android : Monstercrosses were never mass produced. Ive never seen a bike shop do the conversion either. If you set one in the wild, its almost definitely a home built custom. This one came into the shop unfinished, with drop bars but no brake levers or shifters.

Twitter Web App : For 5-6 years, I've been told that I

1) Laugh like Seth Rogen
2) Sound like Seth Rogen
3) Come to think of it you kinda look like Seth Rogen

I've never been more proud.

Although, I don't actually look or sound ANYTHING like Seth, it's just the laugh.

And the curly hair…

Twitter Web App : Honesty think the #NoFlyList videos might be the best deterrent against future insurrection. If there's one thing white people fear, it's being inconvenienced for even a second

Android : Mandatory health measures will remain in effect for at least the next two weeks.

⚠️ No indoor or outdoor social gatherings
⚠️ Work from home
⚠️ Business closures and retail restrictions
🙂 Schools are open

#COVID19AB #ableg #abed #onyourown

Android : For drivers, who essentially break the speed limit 100% of the time, it’s really rich punishing me by murderously accelerating if I miss my crosswalk time by 1 second.