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Twitter Web App : We now have 4 authorized vaccines. Hell yeah science. Hell yeah.…

Twitter Web App : Here are the latest COVID-19 data for Alberta:

• 412 new cases (411 net w/adjustments to past days).
• 4,639 active cases.
• 243 patients in hospital, incl. 44 in ICU.
• 2 more deaths. 1,911 total.

More charts & data context:…

Android : Reminds me a lot of when Lexin Resources was shut down. Hopefully they dont have to look in bathrooms to find company documentation.……

Android : Helping a couple yesterday.

Man: her seat is too low. Can you tell her what a proper seat height is?

Me: sure. The proper seat height is wherever you set it. Its your bike not his. Put the seat where you want it.

Man: grrr.

iPhone : Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine becomes 4th to receive Health Canada approval


Twitter Web App : How Canadian business language thinks: Do you maybe have a presentation you can share? I would like that we pause for a second and perhaps ask the team if they would like some visuals?

iPhone : #yegbike commute: just below freezing and a light southerly wind. Surfaces mostly good except for icy bits, mostly frozen puddles. Great ride. #earworm ‘Life’s What You Make It’ Talk Talk (or someone like that)

Twitter Web App : There is this crazy tech called public cloud. It offers the ability to scale websites to nearly unlimited capacity. The AB government may want to take a look after the last couple of weeks.…

Twitter Web App : Narrator: On the cusp of civilization-ending climate change, Homo sapiens began to burn additional CO2-generating fossil fuels in an effort to create units of a speculative alternative currency that it could use to sell itself things more secretly.…

Android : How many of the 20 or so people waiting waited for their turn to come instead of jaywalking?

If you guessed a number lower than 100%, youre stupid.

Almost as stupid as the traffic engineer.

Whos still less stupid than the gondola.

iPhone : Just got an email with as the tag line:

To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. - Reba McEntire

So true!

Twitter Web App : ...if we do hit 10°C today that will end the streak of Highs below 10°C at 120 days, which is pretty typical for a winter.
The record was 165 days from November 3, 1947 through April 15, 1948.…

Twitter Web App : Business owners—from Galen Weston Jr. to the local ‘mom and pop’—do not form the backbone of the Canadian economy, writes Christo Aivalis 🌹🍊.…

Android : imagine if school was actually good! and you just had twelve fucking sweet years to learn exciting shit with a bunch of your friends, plenty of time to vibe

Android : I never thought Id miss Edmonton but all I want to do today is get off the LRT a few stops early to pick up coffee at LockStock.

Twitter Web App : Happy #BandcampFriday ! 🥳💗💥 No Landlines, No Plans, Just Smartphones and Good Friends is out now for your listening pleasure. The bandcamp version includes a bonus track AND a PDF lyric book 🎸💋🌈…

Back At You : Thinking about selling your home? Get a professional estimate of your homes worth.

Jon Pasca
INITIA Real Estate

#yeg #yegre
#initiarealestate #initia #rew #realestate #yeghomes #realtor...…

Twitter Web App : Bill Pelotte I can only stomach any Fox a couple of minutes before I have to leave to protect my mental health and avoid high blood pressure induced by the lies......

Android : Hi everyone! Im doing a research project for a course at Athabasca University about the economic impacts of divorce and separation. All answers will be anonymous! More details are included in the survey. I would be forever grateful for you if you complete it.…

Android : The high school I went to was found to have unsafe levels of toxic chemicals so they built a makeshift school in the Macys in the towns abandoned mall, and I have never seen something more dystopian

Android : I had to look up what the purpose of the Alberta government library is. (the one thats being shut down). Having done so, I now understand why our current provincial government wants it gone. (1/2)

iPhone : The best thing about 2020 is with the bike shortage it means no poor kid is going to get some dumb bike for Christmas 🎄

Twitter Web App : Also the website feedback link in the footer just opens an empty modal popup box, which is why Im here.

Twitter Web App : Just call me Eva Paul Simon at the Calgary Saddledome in 1991 (?). Mayor Al Deurr gave him the honorary white stetson and he promised to wear it when he played Call Me Al. Paul forgot and then played the song again with the hat on, the crowd went WILD!

Android : To all Canadians paying attention to the fight for $15 in the States a reminder:

We are fighting for $15 here and $15 CND = $11.90 USD

We deserve better.
Get informed. Get involved.