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Twitter Web App : Generally Helpful I couldn't disagree more. Michael Rosen has inspired hundreds of thousands of children to love reading, language and learning. I earn a living as a writer and I agree with him on almost everything he says about language, reading and how to teach it.

Twitter Web App : Asparagugusse Yeah, right - Michael Rosen, a man who has spent countless hours in schools educating children, and whose books have inspired hundreds of thousands of kids to love language and learning.

Twitter Web App : "We truly did everything we could to minimise loss of life."

No, Boris Johnson, you absolutely did not.

You didn't lock down. You didn't close borders. You didn't protect care homes. You didn't deliver on test & trace.

You just didn't have the guts to take the tough decisions.

Twitter Web App : Some of the blame for the UK's horrendous death toll from Covid must be shared by our pitifully compliant media, and the journalists who happily parroted the Government's arrant nonsense with all the intellectual curiosity of a five-year-old...…

Twitter Web App : Devastating:

At more than 100,000 COVID19 deaths, we have the highest number of deaths in Europe and the worst death rate in the world

We also have the worst recession ever; the deepest of any major economy

None of this was inevitable

The Govt has failed

The Govt is to blame

Twitter Web App : Generally Helpful I bet if you did a survey of teachers, the overwhelming majority would be fans of Michael Rosen. Certainly the many teachers that I know personally are.

Twitter Web App : 100,000 reasons not to vote Tory. A disgraceful failure by Boris Johnson, the worst Prime Minister in history...…

Twitter Web App : There is no data that would suggest efficacy of only 8% among older people for AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, the German health ministry said on Tuesday in response to corresponding media reports.​…

Twitter Web App : There is no stronger or more loyal supporter of teachers and the work they do than Michael Rosen. No teacher who is aware of his views and his record on education could possibly be anything other than a fan.

Twitter Web App : Fact check: There are good reasons to think that yesterday's alarmist claims about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination are incorrect...…

Twitter Web App : I hand-punched Shake It Off into this strip of card because lockdown

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Twitter Web App : The government did want "herd immunity". They Were preparing for - planning - mass deaths. They may have changed their tune but the results speak for themselves. Excellent letter.…