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Bio Programmer working @Google in NYC. Maintainer of python-dateutil and setuptools, Python core developer and general FOSS contributor. Opinions are my own.
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Android : Moshe Zadka I can't tell if I may not be sufficiently imaginative or if you don't understand quite how suburban my new house is.

I have an air conditioned (unfinished) basement bigger than any *whole apartment* I ever had in NYC.

Android : Looking for a podcast to listen to while grilling (US), pining for past glory (UK), or going about your normal business (everyone else)?

This 4th of July, I'm on Talk Python Podcast talking about #Python datetimes and time zones! Check it out:…

Android : New to the suburbs: How long until I stop feeling like Batman entering the bat cave every time I open the garage on approach, park, then close the garage door behind me?

Android : It's weird when I occasionally get an upvote on an old SO answer that reminds me that at some point in the distant past, I knew enough Java to usefully answer StackOverflow questions about it.

Android : Given the news that CodeFund is shutting down, we've moved up our timeline to accept publishers onto our EthicalAds network. We've served over 1 billion ads on Read the Docs, and now we're ready to expand to your site:

#sustainoss #ethicalads…

Android : Help us test #Python 3.8.4rc1 before it becomes 3.8.4 in two weeks! Get it here:…

It's a smaller release than the first 3 bugfix releases. At 130 commits between 3.8.3 and 3.8.4rc1 that's 20% fewer. Python 3.8 is maturing!

#AquaticCeremony #SimpleMajority

Twitter Web App : In about ~2 hours (11AM CT) Bernat Gabor and I are going to attempt to live-stream our pairing session today.

We'll be working on some core utilities for Python packages. Join us!

Android : A bunch of people are positing that NYT wanted to take down Scott Alexander because of some culture war reasons, which is just what they want you to think! They were really more afraid that he would hit them where it hurts:…