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Dr. James ODonoghue

Bio Planetary Astronomer @JAXA_en, previously @NASA. Observer of Jupiter & Saturn. Dad, husband and amateur animator. Tweets mine.
Location Tokyo, Japan
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Android : 99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them. 1% of the time, I do this:

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Android : Yes space is stunning and full of amazing things, the solar system is full of wonders, but have you looked at our planet much?

It's a pretty cool one
(bypass a bit of the human stuff of course) twitter.com/RebeccaRHelm/s…

Android : Heres view from NASAs Opportunity rover made from images captured January 26, 2016 from the edge of Endeavour Crater, a point called Knudsen Ridge #Mars

Android : Solar Eclipse from the Moon
Taken from The Splendor of Arid Seas
4k: youtu.be/JI4CQa2B1iw
based on JAXA / NHK archive
Music by Jesse Gallagher

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Android : My talk for the Japan #SciCom forum on outreach for JAXA missions Hayabusa2 (HAYABUSA2@JAXA) & up-coming Martian moons (Martian Moons @JAXA) is online, with that by Hayabusa2 Mission Manager Makoto Yoshikawa!

Full talk: youtube.com/watch?v=NLuf64…

Yoshikawa & Hosoda: youtube.com/watch?v=7cYKJW…

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Android : Fancy joining our fun team studying giant planet atmospheres? Do it! Do it! twitter.com/LeighFletcher/…

Android : Planetary Nebula has nothing to do with planets but it's easier to say than Thrown-Off Outer Layers of an Aging Dying Star Nebula.