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Instagram : OH. MY. GOD. 😱 That was my reaction after watching avengers: Infinity War last night ‼️ This was… instagram.com/p/BiInk3KlSgj/

Instagram : I tried to take a trip to this thing called “Coachella” that everyone has been talking about… instagram.com/p/BhzNssdleO3/

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Instagram : *Sprints to the beach as soon as it hits over 70 degrees in NYC* 😎☀️ We FINALLY are having… instagram.com/p/BhhK2nDlu7T/

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Instagram : How many of you are a fan of Full House? 🏠 I had the chance to visit the place where the show… instagram.com/p/Bd-k8mFFzBC/

Instagram : The girl in the back? She’s really working really hard 🚴🏼‍♀️ Me? I just put a ball in front of… instagram.com/p/Bd7-6D7lTxp/

Instagram : I’m a little full after all of the dim sum and dumplings I had while in Chinatown 😅 Have you… instagram.com/p/BdVrC4YFFnE/

Instagram : Fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it ✨ Really feelin’ my outfit today 🎒… instagram.com/p/BdxwMHpn0AH/

Instagram : Since living in NYC, I’ve learned one very important lesson: It’s NEVER too cold for ice cream… instagram.com/p/Bd0WAOjFf5u/

Instagram : First time at an amusement park - and I’m loving every second of it! 🙌🏼🎡 This ride shoots you up… instagram.com/p/Bd22HEfl4N6/