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Twitter Web App : Jonny Rep Laura Lawrence Definitely. Our current form, 8 from 5 (=1.6 per game), would've been enough for 6th in half of the last 21 seasons if we kept up that rate of winning points.

Being even a win above 22nd come Christmas would be a massive result IMHO.

Twitter Web App : Laura Lawrence All about 21st. Derby, not getting points+performing badly too by the sound of it=the prime target for us. We've reduced the gap to 21st from 12 to 7 points in 5 matches (+game in hand). If we and Derby keep up the current points per game, we're overtaking by the end of November!

Twitter Web App : Alan Biggs The fans you reference make up maybe 5%, at best, of the global fan bases of those clubs; that's not where the money is any more. Give the devil a little finger etc. etc.

Twitter Web App : oli Mac's screenshot software is surprisingly good at annotating screen shots/stills in my experience. Including a magnifying glass for pointing out details like facial direction or hand gestures.

Twitter Web App : Almost cringingly like a 101 book in negotiation tactics, fat cat superclubs Man United and Liverpool now hold a gun to English football's head or at the very least rattle a sabre, so the gist of "Project Big Picture" becomes all the more palatable to EPL bottom 14 and EFL:…

Twitter Web App : oli I've rewound the stream and literally used my phone to film the screen of the stream for some of our goals and goals conceded a handful of times.

Post match I've only ever done screenshots - I actually think it works quite well that way?

Twitter Web App : Rulle Grabow DR P4 København I samme genre: Tjek også @WInther12 s bud på overborgmesterkandidater i på i går - den var ikke ligefrem tynget af et imponerende kildenetværk hos dem der betyder noget i den sag. "Det ved jeg ikke noget om" eller "det ved X mere om" er okay at sige 🙂

Twitter Web App : Jim Alan Biggs Guy Mowbray Because football has repeatedly run aground, not least because of the offside rule, which at several turns has been liberalised to allow for - you guessed it - a more fluent game. Nostalgia, like what you express here, for a non-existent golden age is very much misplaced IMHO.

Twitter Web App : Reminder: Flooding the zone with shit, also known as the "firehose of falsehood," is a propaganda method for which there is no known solution. When the people running the government are determined to lower trust in everything — including themselves — there is no way to stop them.