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Twitter Web Client : In case you didn't take the time to read, this one quote should alarm every single American-

In response to a question why he attacks the press,Trump responded:"I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you"…

Twitter Web Client : uk racism is not covert!!!! it is not subtle!!!! literally stop saying this!! go home vans are not subtle windrush deportations are not subtle yarls wood is not subtle grenfell was not subtle!!

Twitter Web Client : This week at Broken Frontier... Understanding NF2 – New Graphic Medicine for Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month Debuts Via the Children’s Tumor Foundation… #graphicmedicine

Twitter Web Client : Johnson and Cummings think they have won by hanging onto Cummings position...but its a victory that has created total mistrust in our Politicians and shown the division between the elite (them) and us...that' a loss in my book. Please don't ever forget this.

Twitter Web Client : I know they’ve told us to move on but two quotes stand out in today’s Sunday Times piece “Boris has always been clear he doesn’t ever say sorry” and Cummings’ reaction to the Durham story going public - “They can go f*** themselves”. #StayElite

Twitter Web Client : PUNCH Classic Cartoon No 39. By the multi-talented Gerard Hoffnung. From Hoffnungs Menagerie, 1957. Founder of the Hoffnung Festivals, broadcaster, storyteller, Hoffnung was a lover of classical music, despite his cartoons. #kettledrums #classicalmusic #tortoises #illustrations

Twitter Web Client : Heres my effort, scrawled with pen in the sun this afternoon (half blind now, so might to go for a long drive to my eyes are ok). With sincere apologies to the great Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson.
Martin Rowson #DrawDominicCummings