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Twitter Web App : I would say - and for once I'm actually vaguely qualified to comment - that BBC managers, already bruised by lack of access to ministers, have bowed to pressure from the government & let Emily Maitlis down very badly.



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Twitter Web App : There's something quite heartbreaking about watching MPs asking sensible, specific questions about literal life-or-death matters, and Johnson just releasing a bunch of posh noises whilst looking lost and knackered.

Twitter Web App : Treehouse 47 - A Head So Noble and High is here. A bright light of hope in the Stygian gloom with tales of Meerkats, Lone Ranger masks, Peggy Lee and how honey never goes off, but ham might. Go!

Twitter Web App : Simon Blackwell Sorry? An owl AND a pussycat went to sea? Love to know how given that any cat would savage an owl in like 0.2 seconds of leaving the dock. #NeverHappened

Twitter Web App : Michael Gove’s attempt to defend Dominic Cummings by starting to say that he too had gone driving with his wife to make sure... and then finding himself unable to finish the sentence, was one of the most shameful and shambolic moments in recent British political history.

Twitter Web App : You cannot imagine how much I am all over this. twitter.com/vintage_obscur…

Twitter Web App : This is the Dominic Cummings defence.
Princess Diana: "Back to the hotel please James..."
James: "Ma'am, it's my eyes, I think I have the coronavirus."
PD: "Well James, there's only one way to find out."

Twitter Web App : Does anyone in England have the fucking slightest idea of when they can see who and for how long and in what numbers on what days?
The next time a government minister says "We have been very clear" let us all as a nation shout "BOLLOCKS!"

Twitter Web App : This bloke is my MP, who I know works tremendously hard in his ill-lit office every hour that God sends. twitter.com/BBCPolitics/st…

Twitter Web App : A record of my tours - Cradle To Stage & Good Time Charlies Back - has never been released. However in a few weeks I am starting a Patreon thing which will make both available as well as tons of other stuff. I hope you can subscribe.

Twitter Web App : All the soundbites on Cummings idiotic trips now translate to people having a jolly because, "Well Boris' mate went out didn't he? So here we are! I mean fairs fair! Nah, I'm just testing me eyes! LOL! Yeah, they could've been stricter but, you know, fuck it - they weren't!"

Twitter Web App : So, yes, it was my dad's birthday today. You know who elses?
Peggy Lee,
And Al Jolson.
And George Formby.
And Robert Morley.
And Peter Cushing.
And John Wayne.
And Miles Davis.
And Levon Helm.
And Lauren Hill.
And Stevie Nicks.
And Lenny Kravitz.
Not a bad hand in birthday poker.