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iPhone : I have two friends in their early-mid twenties who got COVID in March and April. despite having "recovered," one has completely lost her sense of smell and the other now regularly gets headaches (4+ days/week). the recovery rate for young people is not the full truth.

iPhone : being a dumb ass is bad enough, but being a dumb ass, in 2020??? You fucked up big time

iPhone : Reminder: if you're trying to read one of my papers and don't have university library access and it says "pay $35 to read this paper," $0 of that goes to me or the other authors, so, like, please don't pay it? Instead, please email me and I'll happily send you a free copy.

iPhone : Knew i was listening to this for a reason td…

iPhone : all i'm sayin is that they took down Super Mario Battle Royale to make their own…

iPhone : I’ll give $200 to a random person who retweets this within the next 5 hours. Winner must be following so I DM you.

iPhone : The music industry could thrive w more of this…

iPhone : It’s bout 3AM and you still want a nigga to slide !

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