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iPhone : This is the final piece I did for Shondaland Digital before I was let go for speaking out about racism I experienced after being told to make a comic about a black womans murder more positive. I am angry that I no longer have a space to report these issues that continue to occur(1/3)

iPhone : From now until June 1st 25% of all sales in my shop will be donated to Minnesota Freedom fund in an effort to help stop and fight back against racism and police brutality.

iPhone : Jesse👽🔪 um Actually you frequently make good comics and I think you’re cool and I hope you don’t get too much shit for being totally right on the internet. Guess what bitch it’s sincerity time and I’m glad you’re here and making stuff

iPhone : Kicking in a bit today today where I can. I don’t have much to say that other people haven’t said better, but black lives matter, blank trans lives fucking matter. ACAB

iPhone : Tony McDade, a Black trans man, was killed by police in Tallahassee this week. I've mostly seen trans people discussing this. Black queer and trans people face the same antiBlack state violence, we join you in resistance, but who riots for our Black lives? #TonyMcDade