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iPhone : Glad this happened. Would have liked to see provision for a caretaker/attendant for the disabled in quarantine centres and hospitals too! twitter.com/socialpwds/sta…

iPhone : I'm seeing so many well educated people getting annoyed at the ban of alcohol sale. Clearly shows you've never met an alcoholic before. So, let me tell you what happens in such a household.

iPhone : विकलांगता को पीछे छोड़ इंसानियत का धर्म निभा रहे डॉ. देशराज। कहा, मरना तो सभी को एक दिन है देश सेवा करते हुए मरना फक्र की बात।

“Everybody has to die, what better way than to die serving the nation”- Dr Desh Raj.
#DocsWithDisabilities leading the #DisabilityC19 battle. ♿️

iPhone : "However, if there is one case that has given me angst and sleepless nights, it is of Yan Cheng, a boy who died due to coronavirus without ever being struck by it." Nipun Malhotra scroll.in/article/956584…

iPhone : People have stooped so low that they have completely forgotten disability is neither a choice nor fun...god forbid if they are compelled to live in the state they have displayed so conveniently. We demand people in the vdo to b identified and booked .Accessible India TC Gehlot Office twitter.com/drag_org/statu…

iPhone : 55 lakh old aged, differently abled and widows in Kerala have been paid ₹ 8500 each . Kerala government has now embarked on a mission to provide ₹1000 to 5000 to 46 lakh persons on register of Labor Welfare Funds. Total Social Security in times of Covid is the slogan.

iPhone : This is Reshma Mohandas. She was the first Health Care worker from #Kerala who contracted #Covid19 while treating 2 elderly, positive cases at Kottayam. Got Discharged today. On her way back home she said she is ready to get reassigned to the Corona ward! What a fighter!👍

iPhone : I will be at my balcony with a candle this Sunday , but I believe we should also talk about testing kits, PPE units, isolation wards, ventilators.
Medical supply for dialysis treatment, access to medication for patients of organ transplant & those will mental health issues (1/2)