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iPhone : Christina Yang is one the most well written tv characters of all time for me. So uncompromising, so focused on her growth, but still loyal and compassionate. She wasn’t who people thought she should be. And she always found the courage to tell men no. She wasn’t “cold” either.

iPhone : Like seriously, please, explain to me more about how organizers in poverty don’t know how much things costs, how budgets works, or how to do math.

Please, be the Karen in our lives & the white messiah to our work.

We’ve been dying waiting for you to come save us.


Like I said, this work is not gonna happen with white folks leading anything. twitter.com/jobson_hobson/…

iPhone : Rise N Grind Twitter™️ wants you to free yourself from a boss & work for yourself until you say you’re an anti-capitalist & believe in workers owning the means of production.

Now you’re suddenly a terrorist because they realized they won’t become billionaires if that happens.

iPhone : There is a long and proud tradition of American soldiers who have come to see they have more in common with those they’ve been told to kill than with the criminals who run the empire, and have refused orders to fight. We must celebrate and honor that tradition. #MemorialDay

iPhone : Neurodivergent folks and people with chronic pain often have an unpredictable window of opportunity for being functional or productive, based on the state of their body or mind.

And rarely does the body/mind's recuperated state sync with the 9-5 lifestyle of capitalism.

iPhone : Some of the biggest religions on Earth contain spiritual practices that directly deal with sharing an ecology with animals & part of that includes nourishment from animals (& our bodies returning to nourish the earth). twitter.com/aleyrose/statu…

iPhone : It's not "reopening."
It's casual normalization of death for the poor because capitalist fascism has no viable solution that offers protection for the most vulnerable among us while still producing trillionaires.

iPhone : do i yell at friends for breaking social distancing knowing it will probably just alienate me from them or do i just shove that anger deep inside me forever and pretend they arent being horrifically selfish

iPhone : People's obsession with not getting ~swindled~ by folks who are begging for money in the streets is...fascinating on a bunch of levels.

Mostly just like...y'all realize you get actually ripped off by rich people all the time, right? Just like...constantly.

iPhone : Disablist office desk job posting be like:

must be able to lift 50lbs over your head for long periods of time and have a driver’s license twitter.com/miskeencore/st…