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Bio #BlueSonder : i believe that belongs to me
BYRD / tomi / lief | #BlackLivesMatter
they/bee | 19 | dyke
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Twitter Web App : if you sexualize/ship quackity i will drive my fucking foot into your mouth just bc hes associated with mcyts who are ok with it doesn’t mean you can do it with him to. he’s stated he’s very uncomfy with that respect content creators boundaries

Twitter Web App : will never get over the fact that people think my art is good enough to put in edits, as their profile pictures, phone backgrounds etc

absolutely blows my mind and makes me emotional

Twitter Web App : still not able to really register how much love and support i've been getting, i've hit 2 massive milestones on instagram and twitter and im getting close to hitting another one on IG you guys are literally insane

Twitter Web App : god said ok maybe humans deserve some happiness and gave us alex quackity

Twitter Web App : sorry for the repost, but i just wanted to give it more attention. techno has muted someone in his discord for shipping him with one of his friends, so please stop assuming that techno is fine with being shipped

Twitter Web App : ene @ working on comms ur good !!! as far as i know morally you haven't done anything wrong ene but if anything bothers me i wont be scared to hit you up about it !!!!!!

ur an awesome person :-) you would never intentionally be like that