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Bio Reading, book use, libraries, materiality, sound, (queer) oral history. Postdoctoral Research Fellow @IES_London. Prev. @LivingLibs. Freelance comms, sometimes.
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iPhone : Really enjoyed Sarah Pyke’s talk on literature & censorship in Britain today! An important reminder that censorship/attempted censorship against LGBTQ+ literature is not just confined to ‘history’/as far away as we think.

Twitter Web App : Plus Dingwall's 50,000 index cards: "From being a catalogue pointing to other texts, the index cards may be read as a single text, or as a vertiginous, labyrinthine library with no taxonomy save that imposed by the alphabetical arrangements of the cards."…

Twitter Web App : If you missed this then you missed THIS - Richard Espley talking about the Eric Dingwall collection Senate House Library, featuring these incredible indexed, scrapbooked bibles, stuffed & thickened with pasted in cuttings on sexuality and the paranormal…

Twitter Web App : Chiara Bullen Thanks so much, and for your great question too - sorry I couldn't really answer it (!). Yes, there is so much that ties into current 'free speech' debates and it all needs thinking about more...Would also be really interested to hear about your research!

Twitter Web App : Featuring Fun in Bed, the Simply Divine Cut-Out Doll Book, sex dolls and an unrealised musical theatre production starring high-kicking customs officers.

iPhone : Book History types! Wasafiri magazine is on the look out for articles on the destruction, preservation and reuse of material texts for its upcoming issue on crisis and recovery. Contact Emily Mercer with ideas before end of Jan!…

iPhone : Last few RTs: bosses are not cutting whole swathes of departments in order to decolonise the curriculum, and that won't be achieved by inserting, what, a 'decolonisation module'? We can & should repudiate the RW media narrative that this is a 'woke' move. It's not.

Twitter Web App : I once saw Gerhard Joseph deliver a lecture about the meaning of a punctuation mark in a text. Finally a student managed to break in: Her copy didn't have that punctuation mark. None of ours did. It was a stray mark from his own pen. I thought he would never stop laughing. RIP 💕

iPhone : Open letter against University of Leicester’s plan to axe Medieval Literature to decolonise the curriculum, an astonishingly cynical appropriation of one of the most urgent & fundamental HE tasks. Sign & RT if you’re so inclined; job cuts are political.…

iPhone : I feel as if I am in the Mariana Trench of lockdown-ness. I can only hope there is no further zone. Yes, the fish have their own lights, and huge teeth.

iPhone : I grew up opposite these flats and they still look like home 🧡…

iPhone : “Shake the box and the contents rattle. Empty the box and the parts fall in a random order. Remove an item and you can keep it apart. Place them back, one by one, like you’re packing a lunch. Add a component of your own.” Lovely!…