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Android : I've created a basic tutorial on software testing for data science using pytest - comments/suggtestions welcome!…

Android : 👉 Important thread for Python users:

The Pip team is shipping a new dependency resolver and needs *your* help to find issues. Everyone who tries it will know their projects are future-proof and issues can be fixed before they're shipped. That's a win-win!

So how can you help?

Android : The docs are _so_ good and so comprehensive! I really have to give thanks to the dev team as this level of commitment to the documentation does not come without lots of hard work and thinking about their users.…

Android : SeleniumBase v1.45.0 has been released. We made the jump to pytest 6.0.1 after extensive testing. Thank you to Bruno Oliveira and the team for the fast #pytest updates. ✅ #Python
We also added the ability to create area charts with Chart Maker.…

Android : #pytest 6.0.1 released!

Fixed a few regressions from the 6.0.0 release, including an incompatibility with pytest-html.


Thanks to all who reported having issues with 6.0.0!

Android : Please make sure to report any regressions with the new release.

Thanks to everyone who helped testing 6.0.0rc1, it really helped to catch some regressions before they went into the wild!

Android : #pytest 6.0.0 has just been released to PyPI!

This major contains a bunch of new goodies, such as full type annotations, pyproject.toml support, new hooks, and command-line flags.


TweetDeck : #pytest 6.0.0 would be released by now, except that Bruno Oliveira found out that our release automation can't actually release a new major version as that was never implemented... Whooops :D… - but it's going to be real soon™ now! 🎉

Android : The 5th part about my unit testing series is out:… - learn how to structure unit tests within the project, about fixtures and test parametrization 😍 #pytest #unittesting #python