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Bio 20, Swampy Chef made by @ChunkyFunkys and the pfp is made by @Zephy_03 swamp is here and being adorable
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iPhone : That last brain cell from earlier talked the other brain cells into making a conclusion. Bon voyage!

iPhone : I’ve been enjoying drawing more flabby bellies recently so I wanted to draw the loog boi with a belly that’s literally overflowing his thighs >w>

iPhone : Mozid You’ll get a break when you hear the sound of wood creaking under that doggo a weight. But for real take a break then.

iPhone : I know its a little early, but I always get so excited for this season! I couldnt help but get into the mood... also a witch turned me into a reindeer so...

Novak is as earnest as he is unable to resist sweets- sometimes, it results in a very... seasonal change!

iPhone : Mozid First loss shame on me.
Second loss.... shame on not me shame on you for making a continuation of the first one. Will there be a shame on me 3? But for now this lad need some cuddles and more teasing

iPhone : Anyway I can tell yall wanted that so I woke up and immediately made a sequel with the same exact brain cell as before. Cheers!

iPhone : Its Tiazzu, the dragon who is one of Gruzzs two former overlords! Look at this big evil jerk whos HUGE and knows it. Hes pretty easygoing, except for his insecurity about his winglessness and that red derg temper! Thanks, Teaselbone 🐾, for bringing him to life!