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Twitter Web App : As India turns 73, its democracy lies in the dungeons.
#prashantbhushan twitter.com/TheQuint/statu…

Twitter Web App : "A bully controls the schoolyard through fear, often mistaking it for respect." #prashantbhushan #SupremeCourt

Twitter Web App : #mustread Santoshi Markam on the cultural violence of standardised education, hindi and hinduism on Adivasis m.thewire.in/article/cultur…

Twitter Web App : यह लीला है उस नंदललन की, मनमोहन जसुमत छैया की
........जय बोलो किशन कन्हैया की
- Nazir Akbarabadi twitter.com/tmkrishna/stat…

Twitter Web App : Santoshi Markam on the erosion of the language & culture of her community, the Gonds of Bastar.
'My early education was from...the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram. As soon as we stepped into school, the process of our alienation from our mother tongue began.'

iPhone : With death within arms reach wherever you look, the last words about a person suddenly seem more important than ever, writes Priya Ramani. Beautiful, poignant piece. bloombergquint.com/coronavirus-ou…

Twitter Web App : if mobs can decide on who'll report on them & how, if identity becomes the marker of journalistic credibility, if violence is the response to reportage & institutions fail to act by the law, then it is not just the media which becomes unviable, so does constitutional democracy twitter.com/thecaravanindi…

Twitter Web App : To all those who wrote half-baked pieces on Sachin as the more worthy inheritor/challenger than Rahul - simple truth is that without Rahul, Sachin would have little place in Rajasthan's politics, no meteoric rise to deputy CM. And that's actually Rahul's problem. twitter.com/ttindia/status…

iPhone : Rising levels of hate and violence against journalists. 3 journalists from The Caravan attacked by a mob. A woman staffer was sexually harassed. Why is the police not filing their FIR? twitter.com/thecaravanindi…

iPhone : This is to confirm that 3 of our reporters on assignment, working on stories on the anti-muslim violence in northeast delhi, were surrounded by a mob & manhandled. We'll release an official statement shortly.

Twitter Web App : The RSS knew better, in the end, the terrain of the “soft stories” swallowed us. The disappearance of the bidai songs in Madhubani turned out to be of greater political relevance than all the “hard analysis” and reporting in the run up to Modi’s victory.

Twitter Web App : Sadia Dehlvi, author and friend, passed away this evening after a long, brave struggle with cancer. May she and her loved ones be always loved by her Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya

iPhone : इससे बड़ा क्या हो सकता है
हमारा दुर्भाग्य
एक विवादित स्थल में सिमट कर
रह गया तुम्हारा साम्राज्य

अयोध्या इस समय तुम्हारी अयोध्या नहीं
योद्धाओं की लंका है,
'मानस' तुम्हारा 'चरित' नहीं
चुनाव का डंका है !
सकुशल सपत्नीक....
अबके जंगल वो जंगल नहीं
जिनमें घूमा करते थे वाल्मीक !