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Bio Radicals have taken over American college campuses. @RadicalAlert, led by @RyanAFournier, is exposing their hate online. #RadicalAlert
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iPhone : Trump hasnt started a war in 4 years, hes the first president in decades for whom that is true, and the media just doesnt care. The anti-war Left doesnt care. Never gets a mention from them.

Their opposition to war was apparently political, not ethical.

Twitter Web App : Joe Buck And Troy Aikman Caught On Hot Mic Mocking NFL Military Pregame Flyover – BroBible brobible.com/sports/article…

iPhone : Praying for her recovery. We must ask the question: why is violence the default setting for left-wing activists when confronted with opposing views? One of my volunteers was *run off the road yesterday.*

This isn’t ok.

Doesn’t this worry all Americans, conservative or liberal? twitter.com/bellamaria1776…

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Android : You know what defunding the police does?

Takes away resources from rape victims

Takes away resources from domestic abuse victims

Takes away resources from children who are trafficked

Takes away resources from abused children

Y’all are creating a victim’s worst nightmare.

Android : Kindof tired of mostly WHITE communist and #Antifa goons uttering sh*t like: this is indigenous land you stole.

Youre here too. Go elsewhere, like North Korea or something, so that you can live up to your stated cause and beliefs.

Otherwise shut the f*ck up hypocrites.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING!!!!!
There is a coordination between the political elites in Nigeria and the killer SARS unit of the Nigeria Police which offers the provision of human body parts for unending ritual purposes by the political class! #EndSARS