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Twitter Web App : Another data point for the contention that the term BAME obscures more than it illuminates. Ethnic differences in regards to starting a family in 🇬🇧. White British & Black Caribbeans more liberal, Indians, Pakistani’s & Bangladeshi’s more conservative, Black Africans in between.

Android : Linda Floyd - Chinese
- Gujarati Hindu
- Punjabi Sikh
- Syro-Malabar Roman Catholics
- Kashmiri Muslims
- Sylheti Muslims
- Arab Muslims
- West African Christians/Muslims
- Somali Muslims
- Caribbeans (Black, Asian, and Mixed-Ethnic heritage / different faiths).

All fall in BAME.

Android : This graphic shows how redundant the acronym "BAME" is.

In terms of likelihood of vaccine uptake, people of Indian origin are far closer to white Brits than they are to Black people.

And notable difference between Indians and the Pakistani-Bangladeshi merged category.

Android : Florence 🌺 Established West African groups traditionally have higher levels of trust in a number of political and social institutions, when compared with Caribbean groups.

I wonder if that is reflected in vaccine hesitancy rates.

Twitter Web App : The entire Covid-19 vaccine saga has shown that the EU is a deeply sclerotic and inefficient institution.

But crucially, it has also exposed the true colours of the continental "diehards" driving the European project.

#Brexit was a much-needed course of action for the UK.

Twitter Web App : "Prevent must, however, be careful that in our efforts to embed safeguarding principles into countering violent extremism, the ideological dimension of the problem is not overlooked."

William Baldét MBE in CapX on the ideological challenge posed by terrorism.


Android : Optics aren't the issue.

There are Muslim women involved in the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) - and they continue to be abused by the anti-PREVENT lobby.

Hard-left identitarian/Islamist alliance would like to dismantle the UK's counter-terrorism security structure. twitter.com/lizziedearden/…

Android : Robert Clark Firmly of the view that grassroots health advocates - knowledgeable individuals who are both trusted and respected by local people - are a genuine asset.

Decentralising certain elements of pandemic response and management is key. Something we should take on board for the future.

Twitter Web App : Luton is a town with a range of economic, social, and cultural disadvantages - especially in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But dynamic initiatives led by well-trusted grassroots advocates with a sound understanding of local circumstances, appear to be serving the town well.

Twitter Web App : Local grassroots health advocates in Luton have:

- Provided online sessions for at-risk groups on Covid-19 containment.

- Translated technical health advice into different languages.

- Distributed material debunking anti-vaxx conspiracy theories targeting minority groups.

Twitter Web App : No new Covid-19 deaths reported today in the hometown of Luton.

Fine progress for a predominantly working-class town with high levels of multigenerational living.

Local grassroots health advocates working closely with higher-risk communities must be commended.