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Twitter Web App : Andrew Ruiz Be well Andrew. Looking forward to a swift recovery, and hearing about your experience!

Twitter Web App : The hard part isn't necessarily writing the code, it's everything before and after the code: knowing what to build, fixing, debugging, scaling, explaining, etc.

Twitter Web App : You can always find the limits of a person’s ambitions in a crisis.

iPhone : Anton Panasenko Slava Akhmechet Imo, swift > scala, but both feel like the kitchen sink rather than the elegance / simplicity you get in elixir/Go.

If the goal is UI, SwiftUI is phenomenal and holds a lot of promise if they can crack other environments...

Twitter Web App : Technology is a metaphor that allows anyone to understand the limits of our knowledge.

Technology is a meme, infecting social systems with its uptake and desire to understand the underlying knowledge.

Technology is a weapon that gives an asymmetric advantage to its holder.

Twitter Web App : Crypto and social share a glut of products that are not elegant and not simple.

Twitter Web App : For the level of complexity Bitcoin works at, it’s quite elegant and simple.

For the level of complexity your product sits at, what are the elegant and simple solutions?

Twitter Web App : Unless there is more or equal utility for an individual than for a team (communication tools ie. slack, productivity tools ie. github, dropbox, docs), per-seat pricing is a great way to dis-incentivize growth within an organization, and encourage hacks like “shared login”.

iPhone : Similar to globalism, we’re starting to understand that scale has tradeoffs. And some of those tradeoffs make the entire thing not worth it.

With learnings + improvements in technology, we can realign incentives to capture much of the upsides, mitigating the learned downsides. twitter.com/sama/status/12…

Twitter Web App : Focus on the users that you have, not the users you don't have.