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Twitter Web App : From analysis to action, we must change the written and unwritten rules that have held people back. Prince Harry and I also talked not just about individual compassion, but also how society can be compassionate across the justice system, health care & more youtube.com/watch?v=_H_aSG…

Twitter Web App : Prince Harry and I have been talking about online hate for a few months now - he got that so many of these issues are about power. Facebook knows what the problems are, but chooses to do nothing about it. youtube.com/watch?v=wpndY7…

iPhone : Over $1.5 trillion in federal funding, job opportunities, political representation, & more are all at stake if Black people don’t take the #2020Census. Its not too late. Self respond online today!

Visit my2020census.gov to be counted! #OurCount

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Twitter Web App : Prince Harrys fight against systemic racism: Harry and Meghan have also been calling on the heads of corporations to reconsider supporting certain social media platforms they say are creating a “crises of hate.” Zohreen Shah reports. gma.abc/3fBwKuk

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iPhone : Mannnnn I hope there are multiple journalists at the big news orgs whose entire beat will be the post office. at least until election. This is crazy.

Twitter Web App : On this day in 2014, Michael Brown was murdered by a police officer who was never charged. His death ignited nationwide protests and propelled a new generation of activists in Ferguson and across the country to continue the fight until justice is real.

iPhone : #HakimLittleton should be alive today but the Detroit Police Dept.
took his life.

Those are officers are still employed even though he was shot from behind.

Stand with us to demand accountability for Detroit PDs persistent violence on Black lives: act.colorofchange.org/sign/justice-f…

TweetDeck : Tr*mp is spreading disinformation about mail-in ballots and platforms are enabling him, that much is clear. What I have yet to see is action from Congress to ensure we can freely vote without fearing for our safety, a requirement for a free and fair election.

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Donald Trump has left Americans with nothing but broken promises. We need a President who will work for our communities.

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TweetDeck : Four years ago, 45 made his appeal to Black voters asking, "do you have to lose?" by voting for him. Well, the answer is depicted in our new campaign with Priorities USA that launches today. So proud of everyones hard work on this! #VotingWhileBlack

Twitter Web App : How is Andrew Cuomo going to make sure Black children aren’t being used as guinea pigs for reopening? We can’t accept a future where rich people can homeschool their children while low-income folks must choose between risking their families’ lives and their children’s education. twitter.com/axios/status/1…

TweetDeck : I sat down with Prince Harry to talk about systemic racism, compassion, hate online and using privilege for change. Stay tuned for the full video, coming soon.

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Twitter Web App : Honored to help kick off #TheRootInitiative with Judith Browne Dianis and @Glyndacarr this afternoon, as we discuss everything impacting Black lives from voter suppression to COVID-19 in the run up to the election. Join us at 7pm ET: twitter.com/TheRoot/status…

iPhone : Highlight: ColorOfChanges Rashad Robinson on how hes pushing for racial justice in Hollywood: I know Hollywood can make changes when they believe in the humanity and dignity of the people they are representing. More:

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iPhone : Mark claimed this wasn’t a problem when we argued about it in July. Last fall, we went back & forth on Breitbart being labled trusted news & Daily Caller a fact checker. If profit & growth are your only interest, you defend white nationalist & gaslight folks who call you out. twitter.com/CraigSilverman…

iPhone : On the 55th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, join me and @StaceyAbrams in discussion about the history of voter suppression, its current manifestations and the actions we can take to Take Black the Vote. RSVP: into-action.us. March For Our Lives #IntoAction

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Twitter Web App : This is huge. Facebook actively protecting right-wing figures/media from its own policies due to Joel Kaplan & others stepping in internally. The company sacked a whistleblower who exposed it. Rashad Robinson said this exact thing was happening in our PRCA webinar today. twitter.com/CraigSilverman…

Twitter Web App : Remember when I asked Zuckerberg why he allowed a white supremacist-linked org to be an official fact checker for Facebook and he wouldn’t give a straight answer?

Maybe this is why: Facebook’s right-wing radicalization funnels are looking increasingly intentional & designed ⬇️ twitter.com/CraigSilverman…