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Donald J. Trump          ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈʸ

Bio 45th Parody of the United States of America 🇺🇸. Don’t forget to turn on notifications. Illegally blocked by Trump. More at
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Twitter Web App : Citys burning! America divided! 15% unemployment! 1.8 million Americans have the virus! And Because it was ME who made these things happen, EVERY Historian says I'LL be the most FAMOUS president ever!! More famous than Hitler!! And people want ME to resign? Crazy! #TrumpResignNow

Twitter Web App : Unbeleivable! Sleepy Joe Biden is JUST Iike Obama! He's trying to CALM Americans & bring them together! But Joe is making NO EFFORT to reach out to MY White Supremacist Voters and MY Neo-Nazi voters! These very fine people are now 100% behind ME! This is how you lose an election!

Twitter Web App : 100,000 Americans in 3 months! But FAKE NEWS won’t report that thanks to MY testing –there are HUGE increases in cases in 14 US States! Including Missisippi, Nevada, Florida, and Ontario! AND unlike Obama, I WAS ABLE TO MAKE ALL THIS HAPPEN WHILE GOLFING! (with VERY high scores!)

Twitter Web App : Twitter will #TwitterFactCheck & Label All MY Tweets that are lies! UNFAIR! But Twitter WON'T Label MY Tweets that are True! I'll show how it works: “Donald Trump is an obese LOW-IQ mentaly unstable man-baby!" Do you see the Twitter label BELOW that shows that statement is a lie?

Twitter Web App : Pleased to anounce I’m continuing to violate a Federal Court order AND the 1st Amendment by BLOCKING the Parody Trump Twitter account @RealDonaldTrFan. If I (a STABLE Jenius) can defy THIS federal court order, what can stop ME from defying ANY court order?…

Twitter Web App : Michagan & Nevada are making it easier for their citizens to vote! BAD IDEA! So I'm going to withhold sooo much federal funding for Michagan & Nevada! BILLIONS of Dollars! People in those states - AND Other states -will be VERY upset when I get re-elected! Just Watch! You’ll see!