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Bio Im funnier on Twitter than I am in real life apparently. Film & culture writing @BFI @LWLies @filmstoriespod - first book out 2021
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iPhone : just found out you can get special scarves for dogs that calm them in stressful situations but nowhere does it mention that it also makes them look like melancholic eastern European widows and I feel like that should be a bigger selling point

iPhone : Why have I convinced myself I will be bad at hosting my podcast? I’ve done lots of interviews, and I chair meetings all the time as part of my day job. As long as I don’t say ‘does anyone have any other business?’ at the end I’m sure it’ll be fine, right?

iPhone : On my morning walk I usually pass a toddler with her mum coming the other way. The little girl and I have now reached the stage where she puts her tongue out at me ❤️.

iPhone : I was singing and my daughter told me to stop, so I said I was born to sing and dance, to which she replied, ‘One day you’ll look back on all this and realise that you were not’.

iPhone : That thing when you realise someone who has followed you for ages, who you have even spoken to in real life and everything, doesn’t follow you anymore 😞.

iPhone : Richard Osman I passed my copy of The Thursday Murder Club to my 73 year old mum, who lives in a housing complex for those aged over 55. She just sent a message saying, ‘Richard Osman understands and writes older people brilliantly...I don’t mean me of course 😄’.

iPhone : Particularly pleased to see the inclusion of this additional award. It hits two of my favourites, ‘women and non-binary’ and ‘over 42’. New shouldn’t automatically mean young. I started writing aged 41. (Although to be fair 42 is young to me now I’ve hit 44 😊.)…

iPhone : marianne eloise And older aspiring writers like me! It’s the help and support of others that has got me to where I am now, those voices that say ‘well done, keep going, you’re brilliant, how can I help?’ rather than dampening my giddy enthusiasm.

iPhone : Maybe dating profiles should be more like cat adoption listings? ‘This is X, she is sweet and kind once she gets to know you, but doesn’t like other people very much and prefers her own company. Needs access to a garden’.

iPhone : It’s just over a year since we lost our beloved cat Lola, and I still miss her terribly. But I think we are starting to maybe think about possibly perhaps potentially looking to adopt another cat. Maybe.

iPhone : I miss not recognising male colleagues in meetings because they’ve grown a dodgy moustache for Movember.