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iPhone : Nicole Arbour Most of the “Karen’s” I’ve seen are the middle age, overweight MAGA types who whine about their lost freedoms because they have to wear a mask in a grocery store.

Twitter for iPad : Torrey Smith Not crazy. He should have ripped the guy off him as soon as he put his knee on his neck. Both cops have been fired and they should go away for a long time.

Twitter for iPad : Anxious Pickle LB A. Really depends on the situation but how often does it really lead to death? B) She was stupid but if you think she was trying to get him killed you’re being hyperbolic.

iPhone : PSU Everything That’s was a great drive. I wish we ran the ball more last year. We had success running it against OSU and finally decided to run it in the Cotton Bowl after coming out throwing for some reason. The only team that really stopped our run game was Michigan