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Bio Comics illustrator, currently drawing Money Shot from Vault. Previously: Reaver, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith
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iPhone : Look deep into the shiny... you’re getting very sleeeepy

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iPhone : Queen #Ravenna commission | 11x17 ink & metallic paint marker - so fun to draw with but a pain to capture in photos. I took a crummy phone pic to show the ✨shiny✨ a bit

Twitter Web App : Buffy+Angel+Faith commission - I wanted to do something like that Entertainment Weekly reunion photo shoot where the whole cast just hung out in front of gothic backdrops lookin HAWT

iPhone : Joe Thanks! 😁 Cover-quality pieces like this are $500 as long as the number of figures is reasonable. I’ll be opening up a new list soon with Cadence Comic Art - u can follow them and sign up for their email list If you’d like to be updated!

Twitter Web App : Magik commission, 11x17 bristol. This one is heading to another artist to get the full color treatment, so I opted a grey inkwash instead of a spot color.

iPhone : Sketches for next 5 commissions, printed & ready for the lightbox. Big thnx to those waiting for your patience! Will open a new commission list after these, hopefully in early March. If interested, Follow Cadence Comic Art & get on their email list to ensure you’re notified!

iPhone : Kurt Michael Russell Erica Henderson Oh snap! Of course. I’ve always had trouble getting that to work for images that are photos OF other images, so I didn’t even think of that. It would have been pretty cool if you just had an insane encyclopedic knowledge of 90s sewing patterns. My dreams are dashed!

iPhone : Me the morning after every #Gomorra season finale

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