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Twitter Web App : Alex von Tunzelmann Totally up for a new building, but if it's going to hold the government's feet to the fire it needs to be nearby. So I'd only support moving Parliament out of London if the government had to move as well. I'm wary of Cummings's wheeze to move the Lords to York for this reason.

Twitter Web App : Alex Woolf Im so sorry: in my excitement, I somehow mixed up teenage piano concertos. That (obviously) was the Chopin, another early love. The Mozart is the one that goes dum! dum-dum-dum (dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee) dum! dum-dum-dum (dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee) This bit, in case its unclear.

Twitter Web App : 🇪🇺Joseph Moosman🇸🇪 We hosted a (wonderful) swedish choir at the Cathedral in Oxford some years back, and it was all we could do to get them round the cloister without stopping every few paces for another spontanous rendition of some rousing chorus like this!

Twitter Web App : Alex Woolf One of the first pieces I got to know as a kid was the Mozart Piano Concerto 21. The bit c.7 1/2 mins in, when the piano goes dum-dum-dum diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle dum-dum-dum DIddle-DIddle-DIddle-DIddle-DIddle-DIddle still makes me want to stand on a seat & cheer

Twitter Web App : ben honan David Allen Green I don't, but anything that allows more MPs to participate without endangering their health or the health of our democratic institutions should be considered. I just don't want Rees-Mogg shutting down the online component until it's safe for 650 MPs to attend in person.

Twitter Web App : Vaughan Williams, "Lord, Thou Hast Been our Refuge" is one of the pieces of music closest to my heart. I've sung the semi-chorus bass part for friends' weddings, at services & at concerts, and would cheerfully have it at my funeral. Do listen (but turn the sound up!)…

Twitter Web App : Been reading and pondering the Lib Dems' report on the 2019 election. One Sunday morning thought: whatever mistakes the campaign made, its legacy is a fundamentally reshaped LD electoral geography. Their best prospects are now overwhelmingly wealthier Con seats 1/2

Twitter Web App : It's striking, nonetheless, that 60% of those polled opposed Rees-Mogg's demand. If may suggest either that they understand the problem rather more clearly or that the more serious tone of the current set-up is proving popular.

Twitter Web App : Even Jacob Rees-Mogg, who wants to end the virtual Parliament, acknowledged that only 50 MPs can be in the Chamber at any time. So the effect would not a return to 650 MPs in Parliament, but a *reduction* in the numbers who can participate, by switching off those joining online.

Twitter Web App : With all respect to YouGov, this is very shoddy polling. It sets up a choice between 170 MPs attending online/in person & all 650 returning to Parlt. No one is proposing the latter, which wd be impossible with social distancing. The question is whether to shut out the 120 online…

Twitter Web App : John Do read the article, John, before commenting on it. You might find interesting the book on which it draws, David Edgerton's Rise and Fall of the British Nation, which (like the article) locates the founding of the NHS within a specifically left-wing national & patriotic project.

Twitter Web App : "With the government lashing itself to the NHS, & then lashing the NHS to Dame Vera Lynn, a new populism looms into view". How the NHS was weaponised by a new "health nationalism", that seems more likely to benefit the right than the left. By Will Davies.…

Twitter Web App : Helen McCarthy Katrina Forrester I'd have thought the economic hit would have been unsustainable pre-internet, as so much "economic activity" that is now continuing wd have been impossible. Is this the first time since the industrial revolution that a closure of workplaces on this scale was economically viable?

Twitter Web App : "If there is one political lesson that Britain needs to relearn, it is the case for constructive opposition". My blog for @ukandeu, on why Opposition matters and how Labour can go about it.…

Twitter Web App : Under current conditions, 650 MPs simply cannot operate in a cramped chamber with only 430 seats. Switching off the "virtual parliament" & limiting participation to those allowed inside the chamber would emasculate parliament, not restore it. That, sadly, is probably the goal.