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Bio Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain.
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Twitter Web App : You wanted it! You asked for it! You demanded it! So here it is...

RenVM is now listed at #9 in our rankings with $25.9M total value locked

Fun fact: did you know that 9.69% of $REN is locked into Ren?

Twitter Web App : We've integrated Biconomy to make transactions which involve native #Bitcoin free (e.g. not requiring to buy ETH). Enjoy!

Twitter Web App : June Development Update

1️⃣ Airwave P2P Library Improvements
2️⃣ Expanding Multi-chain Infrastructure
3️⃣ RZL MPC Codebase Optimizations…

Twitter Web App : now has the Ren RenBridge directly in the UI.

Users can come with their BTC, mint renBTC, and be on their merry zkRollup way.

Deposits for renBTC are open, can be used on Loopring Pay, and in a ~week, trading pair vs USDT will be up.


Twitter Web App : Boy, that was quick! $renBTC now #2

See here:……

Twitter Web App : To celebrate #renBTC lists on #VirgoX, we’ll pick 20 lucky winners to #giveaway total 100USD worth of renBTC #Airdrop

1️⃣Follow VirgoX Ren
2️⃣Join telegram:
3️⃣Finish the poll

Why renBTC is different from other BTC backed projects?

Twitter Web App : 1/ The process was pretty smooth. Ren made it really easy to acquire renBTC from BTC.

1. Deposit BTC into an empty address they provide
2. Connect ETH address via 3Box
3. Wait for 6 confirmations and trigger a transaction to send you the renBTC

iPhone : 1/2

Want to get your hands on some wBTC for the new Synthetix ⚔️ Ren & Curve BTC pool & farm some yield?

Who doesn’t!?

You can buy & sell wBTC using the high-speed, low fee wBTC/USDt market on DeversiFi, direct from the security of your private wallet

Twitter Web App : Welcome to Yield Farming. Introducing an incentivized BTC Liquidity Pool by Ren, Synthetix, and Curve Finance. Curve Synthetix ⚔️…