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Randle McMurphy #ShockDoctrine

Bio Shock Doctrine: The brutal tactic of using public disorientation following a collective shock such as Covid:19 to drive through damaging pro-corporate measures.
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Twitter Web App : Socially distanced and on different microphones and out of doors, I should add! twitter.com/MichaelRosenYe…

Twitter Web App : This was tweeted literally as police were arresting and pepper spraying protesters near Washington Square Park twitter.com/nycmayor/statu…

Twitter Web App : Raphael Dogg It's coz there are two opposing ideologies in one party

I blame Blair for that but that's beside the point.

Labour is now like a broken marriage where the parents are staying together to keep the kids happy but all it's doing is scarring them.

Twitter Web App : We need more informed voices on this debate and fewer celebrity comedians who...wore blackface less than a decade ago.

While MATT LUCAS misrepresents statements, Michael Walker clarifies and contextualises. Let’s have more of the latter please.

Twitter Web App : Bless her heart

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Twitter Web App : Whether or not you think the BLM tweet helpful, Matt (with an enormous platform, having recently been called out for blackface..) presumes the tweet means something it didn’t say to make it seem beyond the pale.

Twitter Web App : Peter Hitchens Jack Unsworth Why the does it bother you if people have got a bit of weed

"Everybody boycott masks even though you might kill your own Grandparents"

"Nobody smoke weed even though it causes nobody any harm except possibly yourself"

It's a topsy turvy world inside your addled old brain

Twitter Web App : KURDS have launched
a hashtag tonight as #TurkeyInvadesKurdistan Turkey wants to annihilate the Kurds under the pretext of labelling their resistance as terrorism. But Kurds know, & the world is becoming increasingly aware that this is simply seeking justification 4 genocide.