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Bio Founded inside prison, we work to end life & extreme sentences by changing the way society & the carceral system respond to violence & harm.
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iPhone : In the state of California, these are the most common sentencing enhancements. Firearms is #1 with 89% of those serving time with gun enhancements are Black, Latinx, & People of Color. #EndSentencingAbuse #EndSentencingEnhancements #SupportAB1509 #AntiRacismSentencingReformAct

iPhone : Sentence enhancements:
- Have never been shown to enhance public safety
- Are a primary driver of mass incarceration
- Fall disproportionately on communities of color

In short, enhancements are unjust & unnecessary.

iPhone : Today I talked to a man who’s currently serving a 127-year life sentence, of which 70 years is gun enhancement time. The fact that someone can even be sentenced to that much time is reason alone to throw out the whole damn system. #AbolitionNotReform

iPhone : As Los Angeles District Attorney, I have banned the use of most enhancements.

Sentence enhancements have NEVER been shown to enhance public safety.

However, excessive sentences have been shown to increase recidivism, leading to more victims of crime in the future.

iPhone : My biggest pet peeve is when people say “the system is broken”. This system was *literally* designed to function exactly as it is now. Saying it’s broken ignores the reality that political decision making built mass incarceration in the first place and let’s folks off the hook.

iPhone : In-prison programs in CA that help heal trauma & address issues that lead to harm have been on hold for a year. We're looking to fix that & make sure it never happens again. Join us tonight as we talk about #AB292 and how we can ensure folks inside have access to programs.…

iPhone : Join us for an informative town hall on AB 292 (Stone), the Access to Programming Act on Wednesday, March 3 from 5-6 pm. Hear from Asm. Stone and leading experts in the field discussing the challenges of 2020 and solutions for 2021.

iPhone : Quoc Le was born in war-torn Vietnam & spent his childhood in a refugee camp in Thailand. Quoc was granted parole but is now in ICE custody. If released, Quoc plans to finish college & pursue his passion of tech. ICE #FreeQuoc to his community & family. #100DaysForFreedom

iPhone : We’ve been notified that an incarcerated person from RJD has died from COVID-19. Currently 212 incarcerated people have died in CA prisons & 26 CDCR staff due to the virus. May they Rest In Peace.

iPhone : 📣 Here’s how to join in today

•Take action here with Gabby’s toolkit:…

•Sign & Share Gabby’s Petition (let’s get to 2000 signatures!):

•Email Gov. Newsom to use his power to release Gabby to her loved ones.

iPhone : Gabby Solano will be transferred from prison to ICE, and deported to a country she left as a child and has no family ties. Gabby’s family and community are HERE in CA. Gavin Newsom will you support and #ProtectImmigrantSurvivors #FreeGabby & #StopICETransfers?

iPhone : She will share her vision about how we can create safety and justice for these survivors. Here is a link to an op ed she wrote -…

iPhone : I had a bunkie with a gun enhancement for a broken firearm found in the bottom of a closet in her house. It was not used in any way in her crime of conviction.

Gun enhancements are so often used by prosecutors to ratchet up sentences & DON’T STOP GUN VIOLENCE.…

iPhone : Firearm enhancements are the most common enhancements with over 40,000 people incarcerated with them – which is approximately 40% of the entire incarcerated population. 89% of people who have gun enhancements are Black, Latinx, & People of Color. #AB1509 #EndSentencingAbuse