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Bio I want a tiny baby elephant. If you clap, I clap back. I write: Ayiti, Untamed State, Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, World of Wakanda, Hunger, Not That Bad.
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Twitter Web App : I made Fast Companys Queer 50 list this year, alongside people like Janelle Monae, Janet Mock, Angelica Ross and Jen Wong:…

Twitter Web App : The more white people wring their hands about Karen instead of addressing systemic racism, the more I want to use the term.

Twitter Web App : I am writing a piece and was trying to remember all the Racisms from the past month and it was like oh yeah this and that and that and that. SO MANY.

Twitter Web App : There has got to be a better way for some of you to get the attention you so clearly need.

Twitter Web App : Black people deal with the senseless loss of black life every day. We don’t need to perform it publicly. We don’t need to retweet every video of white supremacy murdering us. And I did tweet about Floyd yesterday so you’re embarrassing yourself in several ways. Also it’s Talcum X…

Twitter Web App : Where have you read this shit talking? I have said nothing publicly though his fraudulence is not in dispute. You can google me for the rest and I’ve done that activism without taking anyone’s money. Have a blessed night.…

Twitter Web App : Suicide Sauce 🔞 Maybe ask yourself why you frame it as hating on anything. My tweet was pretty mild. I said I had a hard time with it. People then went to the races of their own agendas.

Twitter Web App : MadTownMich First of all no one is condemning anything. That’s not how opining about something on twitter works. Okay? Second of all I am talking about real estate. Third of all read my pinned tweet.

Twitter Web App : I am speaking in the context of real estate. If you watch HGTV you know what I am talking about.

Twitter Web App : Snoogans I don’t care. I am just talking about something trivial I don’t like. It has no bearing on what you call a dog’s adoptive home. At all.

Twitter Web App : The phrase “forever home” is one I have a hard time with. It’s nails on a chalkboard.

Twitter Web App : The world is full of people who will say no before they even consider you, or your work. But for NYT bestselling author roxane gay, persistence in the face of that rejection is how she found success. She joins this week’s #HelloMonday:

Twitter Web App : Writers, this is it! This is your last week to submit stories for the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction to be considered by roxane gay. Let's see those stories! #shortfiction #shortstories #flanneryoconnor #writing #writingprize…

Twitter Web App : Mike Meginnis As is your right. I guess it’s just frustrating to see people invest so much in critiquing a coping strategy instead of the real problem.