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iPhone : The lower case president is actively and loudly arguing that votes by black Americans should not count in the year 2020. With this knowledge on our shoulders we have to continue our days, just working and paying bills and taxes like everything is cool. Cool cool cool...

iPhone : So the world is one whole system, indivisible, complex, with stability deriving from constant flux. It has limits. And hidden tipping points. Oh and also, it’s the only one we’ve got. Carry on accordingly please.

iPhone : one thing i'm grateful for is how much weirder and more open i feel like this country has gotten since i was in my teens. it delights me to no end.

so much might be crumbling but at least we don't have to be so damn boring while it happens pic.twitter.com/0s5p1VkzYc

iPhone : Just horrible numbers from Household Pulse Survey:
-1/3 of adults expect loss in income in next 4 wks
-1/3 of adults have difficultly paying for usual hh expenses
-1/3 of adults living in hh where eviction or foreclosure is very likely or somewhat likely in next 2 mnths

Twitter Web App : if i see another take on the need for a bipartisan approach to climate legislation that does not mention the role that white supremacy plays in facilitating cooperation across the aisle OR in what policies Rs deem acceptable, i'm gonna lose it.

i can waste my own time.

iPhone : Police brutality isn’t a “hot button issue” or a “debate topic” for many of us. It is trauma, a well of deep pain. It lives in our bodies at the cellular level and wreaks havoc on our hearts. You can at least TRY to show some respect to our lived reality when discussing it.

iPhone : Stevie M ♿️ same! i think part of it is that reading feels very solitary and we're already isolated because of quarantine. i don't want to imagine the sound of people's voices. i want to hear them and see them – it helps me feel less lonely

iPhone : Dylan Carlson Sirvent León omg i was terrible at having a strategy. but the truth is you don't have to read every word of everything assigned (and lots of profs i had didn't expect that). skim for main points and focus on understanding the main arguments and the key evidence.

iPhone : is anyone else struggling to read books in quarantine? it feels like it requires a level of focus and a part of my brain i don’t have access to right now.

but i’ve been pretending real hard – really flexing those old college seminar skills 😂