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iPhone : You know you really miss someone precious when you keep looking at your passenger seat....

iPhone : I’am pretty sure we are the only generation who fought 3 deathly diseases together ( COVID-19, tiktok and STUPIDITY)

iPhone : $IP) 's Twitter Profile">$IP $IP) 's Twitter Profile">$IP

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iPhone : I’am really smart and picky when it comes to food clothes or anything else in this life

But when it comes to pick people am the dumbest 😒

iPhone : Sozan Fahmi 🌻) 's Twitter Profile">Sozan Fahmi 🌻 Sozan Fahmi 🌻) 's Twitter Profile">Sozan Fahmi 🌻

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iPhone : What comes after 30/12/2020 ???

1/13/2020 🙃

I guess everything is possible in this fucked up 2020 year 😒

iPhone : Please know this:

Some people will not hear you regardless of how much, how loud, how truthful, how loving, or how profound you speak.

Wish them well and LET them GO!

iPhone : #stopposting pictures on Twitter 🤦🏻‍♂️ This shit became just like #Instagram

iPhone : لما تموت ما راح تحس انك ميت....بس الي حواليك راح يحسون.
تماماً نفس الشي لمن تكون جحش.....

iPhone : Open the geography book from 9th grade, on page 39, line 3!!
It says that IRAQ has a really beautiful normal weather!
Its HUGE lie people.

iPhone : Close friends get so fucked up when they get married, like they never knew you before!!!

iPhone : You held my hand
U caught me when I fell
U r the hero of my childhood
and my later years as well
and every time i think of u
my heart still fills with pride
though I’ll always miss u
i know u r by my side
In Sunshine and through rain
till we meet again, happy father’s day♥️