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iPhone : live video of a statistician trying to keep researchers away from p-values

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iPhone : Novel & movie The Martian (astronaut stranded on Mars) has:
- well funded gov science department
- praise by the US government for Chinese collaborators
- worldwide interest and billions of dollars committed to saving one person’s life

It hits differently in a Covid19 world…

iPhone : Aerosol/airborne transmission is a bugbear. It shouldn't be. It can be possible on *some* occasions, and yet the majority of transmission can be short range and droplet - which the majority of studies suggest it is 3/n

iPhone : I’ve been trying to be very deliberate about the accounts that I reply to. If I feel like their questions are abundantly answered (in the images or in the thread), probably not. If it’s clearly asked in bad faith or abusive, no.

Some though I’m just not sure about.…

Twitter Web App : Since April, I've been begging people to actively counteract this narrative about a protective effect of summer. Overwhelmingly frustrating to now see people saying "how could this happen." We can still clarify though:

Summer isn't reducing the risk you get the virus.…

Twitter Web App : globe-alerte My statement was meant as a joke - to say that this data shows a relationship between binge drinking at COVID-19 is impossible. There is better data than the number of binge drinkers to show that opening bars/cafes where people can gather results in increased transmission.